Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Invest in property overseas


 Why Buy Property in Turkey?

Whether you are looking for a holiday home or trying to find an investment buying a property in Turkey has proven profitable. 
With the economic downturn there has been a rise in property cost in the UK and around the world but Turkeys' property market is cheap and on the rise, which means it is a great time for investment.
 Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in today's
market bolstered by rising tourism and low inflation. Compared to the UK the cost of living in Turkey is minimal. A typical "council tax" bill is between £40 and £150 per annum. Property prices are still very competitive and on the rise. The infrastructure is
gathering pace with new roads, new tunnel and the expansion of Dalaman Airport
which will attract more tourists to the area leading to all year round
flights. Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world so opting to rent your property to other people is no problem. Turkey is a beach paradise with
over 8000 km of sunny strips of sand, the most famous being The Blue Lagoon of
Oludeniz (which is 5 minutes away from your Luxurious home).   In Turkey you can buy your property in Sterling therefore avoiding unnecessary exchange rate fluctuation. Turkey really does have it all - climate, cuisine, coastline, a rich cultural history,
low-cost flights, friendly locals and most importantly a vibrant economy.
If you are interested in becoming an owner of your very own villa which you could rent to holiday makers visit this website and Invest in your future and your family's future: